Resume Design

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Resume Design

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How It Works

1. Send me your resume! :)

2. Any ideas/specifics?

If you have an idea of what you want your resume to look like, let me know. This can be as simple as the colors you like or as detailed as sending me something to replicate. A google search on "creative resumes" might be helpful. If not, that's fine. I'll just have fun with it.

3. Payment

The resume is $60. Students receive a 50% discount when using a valid .edu email address.

4. Design Process

I have a 10-day turn around, starting from the day you send me your resume. On or before the 10th day, I will send you the resume and we can make any changes you want. Usually, if I have to make word edits to your resume to fit a design, I'll let you know exactly what I'm going to change, just to make sure you're okay with that.

5. Delivery

Once I receive the payment, I will promptly deliver your resume in PDF form. I will also send an InDesign file in case you need to eventually add more to it. You can always email me for additions if you are more comfortable with that, as well.